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I have thought this out thoroughly over the past few years, and felt that becoming a doctor would be the best thing, since I am good at science and math, and am very good with people. I plan to major in Biochemistry, then off to med school. With a degree in BC, can I obtain a specialty such as cardiology or neurology in med school? I feel that this major would be the best. I have always had a real interest in the human heart, and would like to pursue a career in dealing with it? Do you think this would be a good route? I apply to colleges in a few months, I'm looking for some good colleges with a good BC program and medical school. My first choice is U of Mn, since it's close and they have a relatively good med. program. Any other ones?

Please help

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08.03.2018 13:57

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TOMCHEMIE » Biochemie & Biologie » Allgemein » Biochemistry, Then Doctor

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